1500W Handheld laser welding machine

1500W Handheld laser welding machine

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1500W Handheld laser welding machine


1000W handheld laser welding machine
Laser device
1000W/ 1500W / 2000W
Laser wave length
Welding speed range
Welding gap
≤1/5 of the thickness of sheet metal
Fiber length
Standard 15m
Water cooling
Special for handheld welding
220V optional
Nitrogen welding, output pressure 0.2Mpa
Total power
Total weight

Easy to use, saving labor costs

Compared with traditional arc welding, FCS-1000 enjoy following advantage: user-friendly design and technology upgrade, simple
operation, operators do not need skilled technical certificate to achieve exquisite welding.There is no need for secondary
grinding after welding, which greatly reduces the professional limitations of the operator and the cost of manpower.

Fast welding saves on usage costs

Compared with traditional welding equipment: the FSC-1000 welding speed is more than 2 times that of solid YAG laser welding, and
3-5 times that of arc welding. The efficiency of photoelectric conversion is more than 30%, compared to 3% of solid YAG lasers, and low energy consumption reduces more unnecessary costs for production and processing.

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