MOPA Laser Marking Machine

MOPA Laser Marking Machine

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MOPA Laser Marking Machine


Gold Laser



Equipment Name

MOPA Laser Marking Machine

Laser Power


Laser Type

Fiber Laser

Laser Wavelength


Frequency Range

10kHZ _ 400KHZ 1kHZ _ 1000KHZ

Making Speed


Pulse Width Range


Label Range


The Minimum Line Width


Minimum Character


Power Supply

AC220V/50-60HZ 5A


Air Cooling

Features :

Today's electronic products are getting thinner and thinner. Many mobile phones, tablets, and computers use thin and light aluminum oxide as the outer shell of the product. When a Q-switched laser is used to mark the conductive position on a thin aluminum plate, the material is easily deformed, and a "convex hull" is generated on the back, which directly affects the aesthetic appearance. The parameters of smaller pulse width of MOPA laser can make the material not easy to deform, and the shading is more delicate and bright. This is because the MOPA laser uses a small pulse width parameter to make the laser stay in the material shorter, and it has enough energy to remove the anode layer. Therefore, for the processing of stripping the anode on the surface of the thin alumina plate, MOPA Laser is the better choice.

MOPA Laser Marking Machine

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