Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine

This is not the smallest laser marking machine, because it can follow a 50-100 watt laser, so its size is the most reasonable in this power.

  • laser power20-100
  • Mark area100-300
  • Markspeed4000mm/s
  • Mark depth0.05-2mm
  • size600-350-700
  • weight45kg

Compact Fiber Laser Marking Machine   LQL-F Series

Mini type, Compact model, Powerful business helper, No consumables, Lower maintenance cost, Easy operation, Economical transportation cost..

One of the best selling models, especially for some shop -running business, which is not very rich in the working space. With its unlimited field (capable to support 300mm lens), it is able to offer more functions to you.

Machine Features

1: Authentic IPG, Raycus and maxphotonics laser source with 1064nm wavelength, the average working hours can up to 100000 hours;

2: Small and exquisite volume, suitable for desktop or small working shops, air-cooled, applicable in the bad environment;

3: Ideal for marking all metal materials, most plastics, painted/anodized/coated materials and many different other


4: Free maintenance and no consumables, comprehensive 2-year warranty;

5: Lenovo laptop in English, or the target language in the local place;

6: Easy to learn and master the basic operation. The software is compatible with Photoshop, CorelDRAW, AutoCAD and many other drawing software;

7: The powered loading table with our focus finder indicator makes focal adjustment easy. Machine management is simple by the front operator control panel;

8: USB connection to a laptop or desktop PC is required to start programming with our LQL-F fiber laser marking machine;

9: With our Quick Training, video tutorials and online service, LQL-F fiber laser marking machine can be setup and starting to mark within minutes.


Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine  第1张

Options and Accessories

F-theta Lens, 75*75mm, 150*150mm, 200*200mm, 300*300mm (we offer 100*100mm lens in standard configuration);

Rotary Axis, 50mm, 80mm

Pillar, 80cm (we offer 50cm in standard configuration)

Exhaust System, able to purify the waste and smoke generated during the working process

Application and Samples

The compact manual fiber laser marking machine is been designed for the high-quality laser marking of small parts, medium sized components and work pieces and batches,such as autoparts, medical products, metal and plastic tools and general industrial products and components. 

Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine  第2张

Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine  第3张

Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine  第4张

Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine  第5张

Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine  第6张

Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine  第7张



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