Which industries are laser marking machines used in?


(1) Automobile manufacturing industry: automobile headlight integrated circuits, smart surface three-dimensional circuits, other accessories, etc.;

(2) Craft gift industry: surface marking on curved metal and plastic, marking on irregular surfaces, engraving on spherical and stepped surfaces, etc.;

(3) Advertising and publicity profession: plexiglass laser carving (cutting), two-color board carving, laser manufacturing of various brands;

(4) Mobile phone communication industry: laser processing such as mobile phone LDS antenna, mobile phone conductive plate, mobile phone shell, mobile phone middle frame, 3D mobile phone glass cover and front window;

(5) Electronic and electrical industry: computer LDS antenna, mouse keyboard, three-dimensional circuit, circuit board and other laser laser engraving;

(6) Hardware mold industry: laser laser engraving of hardware tools, hardware products, various molds, etc.



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