Principles of laser cleaning technology


Laser cleaning is an emerging material surface cleaning treatment technology that can replace traditional pickling, sandblasting and high-pressure water gun cleaning. The laser cleaning machine adopts a portable cleaning head and a fiber laser. It has flexible transmission, good controllability, wide applicable materials, high efficiency and good effect. In recent years, it has been widely used in rail transit, petroleum and petrochemical, automobile molds and other fields.

Principles of laser cleaning technology

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The essence of laser cleaning is the process of using the high energy density of the laser to destroy the contaminants attached to the surface of the substrate without damaging the substrate. According to the analysis of the optical characteristics of the cleaned substrate and the contaminants, the laser cleaning mechanism can be divided into two categories: One is to use the difference in the absorption rate of the contaminant and the substrate to a certain wavelength of laser energy, so that the laser energy can be fully absorbed. The pollutant is absorbed, so that the pollutant is heated to expand or vaporize and volatilize. The other type is that there is little difference in the absorption rate of the laser from the substrate and the pollutant. The high-frequency, high-power pulsed laser is used to impact the surface of the object, and the shock wave causes the pollutant to burst and separate from the surface of the substrate.



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