How much does a laser marking machine cost


Many users will ask how much is a laser marking machine? Because there are many types of laser marking machines, we will explain separately below

For example,

Fiber laser marking machine for metal materials, unit price starting from USD 2000,

CO2 laser marking machine for non-metal materials, unit price starting from USD 3000,

UV laser marking machine for plastic materials, unit price starting from USD 5000.

With knowing well of the customers’ applications and needs, Goldlaser laser sales team will be able to provide sales advisories and recommend laser marking solutions.

Below is the information we need to know before offering you the best quote:

The exact marking products and material

The item’s size and the logo marking area

Your import experience

At the beginning of the purchase, you may think that the marking machine is expensive. However, for the huge workload of the marking machine, its cost is not a big deal. The price of a laser marking machine depends on its size, quality, power, and other factors of the machine. Faced with some technical terms, you may not know how to choose the most suitable machine for you. Please don’t worry, all you need to do is to find us, and Goldaser professional team will provide you with the most complete guides to help you choose the right model.



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