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   For different materials, we have corresponding laser marking machines for marking, such as: metal materials, we use fiber laser marking machines, wood products, we use CO2 laser marking machines, and some glass products, or heat For more sensitive materials, we use UV laser marking machine

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  Two-dimensional bar code (2-dimensional bar code) is the use of a certain geometric figure according to a certain rule on the plane (two-dimensional direction) distributed in black and white graphics to record data symbol information; in the code preparation, clever use of the computer The concept of "0" and "1" bit stream based on internal logic uses several geometric shapes corresponding to binary to represent text value information, which is automatically read by image input equipment or photoelectric scanning equipment to realize automatic information processing: Two-dimensional bar code / two-dimensional code can express information in both horizontal and vertical directions at the same time, so it can express a large amount of information in a small area

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   Two-dimensional barcodes/two-dimensional codes can be divided into stacked/lined two-dimensional barcodes and matrix two-dimensional barcodes. It has some common features of bar code technology: each code system has its specific character set; each character occupies a certain width; it has a certain check function and so on. At the same time, it also has different rows.

   Features such as automatic information recognition and processing of graphics rotation changes. The stacked/row-by-row two-dimensional bar code is formed by stacking multiple short-cut one-dimensional bar codes; the matrix two-dimensional bar code is formed in the form of a matrix, and the corresponding element position of the matrix is represented by a "dot" to indicate a binary "1" ", "Empty" is used to represent binary "0", and the code is composed of the arrangement of "dot" and "empty".



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