Protecting the laser is very important


How to protect your laser source in winner?

In the cold winter, when the air temperature lower than 0 ° C, the liquid water will condense to form a solid, and in the process of solidification, the volume will become larger.

This will “crack” the pipelines and components in the water-cooled system. ( The chilled water system includes a chiller, a laser, and an output head). During the installation and commissioning of your company, please pay attention to the antifreeze before using it. After the commissioning, the QBH output cable and laser must be  with antifreeze and send to the customer to avoid loss by freezing damage during storage and transportation.

How to avoid laser antifreeze on the client is a key issue in winter laser maintenance. We will inform you about the use of laser antifreeze protection measures and hazards in winter. And please remind your customers again to avoid losses.

Firstly.If there is no power outage in the local area, the water cooler will not be off at night, and at the same time, energy saving, low temperature and normal temperature water temperature will be from 5 ~ 10 °C, to ensure that the coolant is in a circulating state and the temperature is not lower than the freezing point.

Secondly.Use antifreeze as coolant.

Antifreeze must be used when the environment is often blacked out and there are no conditions for daily coolant venting. The base liquid of antifreeze is generally composed of alcohol and water. It requires high boiling point and flash point, large specific heat and conductivity, low viscosity at low temperature, not easy to foam, and does not corrode metal parts and rubber hoses. When selecting or blending antifreeze, the freezing point should be 5 °C lower than the lowest temperature in the environment.



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