3W water-cooled UV laser marking machine

3W water-cooled UV laser marking machine

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3W UV Laser Marking Machine For Glasses



Laser Power


Q-Switched Frequency Range

1kHZ _ 100kHZ

Laser Wavelength


Laser Life

≤8 Thousand hours

Label Range


Marking Depth


The minimum line width


Minimum Character Height


Repeat Accuracy


Making Speed


Power Supply

AC220V/50-60HZ 10A

Machine Power



Water Cooling

Features :

24H continuous and stable marking. The marking depth can be adjusted, and the marking effect can be touchless. It is the first choice for fine marking of glass and plastic materials. The output laser wavelength is short and invisible to the naked eye, so it has almost no effect on the human body. High-precision and meticulous light spot ensure the perfect marking result; no need to touch during the marking process, no special person is required to take care of it, and the marking mark is clear

Application :

It is used to mark packaging surfaces of drugs, masks, cosmetics, glass, ceramics, wires and cables, plastic buttons, electronic components, gifts, communication equipment, construction materials and other polymer materials, and remove metal surface plating.


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