5W water-cooled UV laser marking machine

5W water-cooled UV laser marking machine

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5W UV Laser Marking Machine For Silicone



Laser Type

UV Laser

Laser Power


Q-Switched Frequency Range

10kHZ _ 100kHZ

Laser Wavelength


Pulse Width Range


Label Range


Beam Diameter


Repeat Accuracy



Water Cooling

Features :

The UV laser has a very small focusing spot and a small heat-affected zone, so it can perform ultra-fine marking and special material marking. It is a must-have product for customers who have higher requirements for marking effects. Ultraviolet laser is suitable for processing almost all materials except copper.

Flexible and convenient operating system:

The operation process is user-friendly and the equipment runs well; the dedicated control software is compatible with AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, Photoshop and other software output; it can realize the automatic arrangement and modification of text symbols, graphic images, barcodes, QR codes, serial numbers, etc. ; Support PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, JPG and other file formats, you can directly use TTF font; CCD automatic recognition tracking and positioning;Nearly perfect marking quality.

Application :

It is mainly used for marking and surface treatment of electronic components, IC die, plastic buttons, various glasses, liquid crystal display, ceramics, sapphire, single crystal silicon wafer, TFT and other materials.

Marking effect display

5W water-cooled UV laser marking machine



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