10W  UV laser marking machine

10W UV laser marking machine

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10W  UV Laser Marking Machine



Laser Type

UV Laser

Laser Power


Q-Switched Frequency Range

1kHZ _ 200kHZ

Laser Wavelength


Light Quality


Laser Life

≤5 Thousand hours

Marking Depth


Repeat Accuracy


Beam Diameter


Pulse Width Range


Power Supply

AC220V/50-60HZ 10A

Machine Power



Water Cooling

Features :

The UV laser has a short wavelength, and uses high-load energy UV photons to break the chemical chain of the product during marking. During this process, the product is non-thermally marked, also known as "cold processing". Cold processing can perform many fine markings on small products without causing heat damage to the product. The UV laser marking machine is a necessary machine for marking high-end products. The exquisite marking effect can improve the appearance of the product.

Application :

Used for marking 3C electronics, chargers, power banks, Bluetooth headsets, jewelry and other products. It is also used for the peeling of the coating on the surface of metal materials, the drilling of micro holes, and the high-speed division of glass and porcelain materials.

Marking effect display :

10W  UV laser marking machine



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