Which laser marking machine is better for glass?


Glass is a kind of transparent substance. Ordinary visible light can be directly transmitted. There is very little light absorbed by glass. It can be said that there is almost no, and glass is a kind of crystal structure. Its molecular structure is special, general laser hitting. The mark is destructively engraved, which will create the possibility of a joint burst, so we generally think that the glass can not be marked with a laser printer, but the actual situation is different, because If it is a normal continuous laser, it may be attracted by the glass with little energy, and the threshold is not enough for engraving. And if it is a high pulse, it is different. Ultra-high pulse, each pulse has a high laser energy, which can be said to be more than ten thousand times of energy of continuous laser. It is possible to mark the surface of the glass by laser engraving.

We recommend the green laser marking machine; it has a short-wave, high-frequency, very cold-working laser, which can be used for fast glass marking, marking laser engraving at 3W or 5W. The effect is frosted and beautiful. It is the most ideal glass marking machine in the industry.

Considering the price factor, UV laser marking machine is also a good choice.



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