What are the wearing parts of a fiber laser marking machine?


One of the questions that customers often ask when consulting a wave of lasers is whether the machine has consumables or consumables. Today we give you a fiber laser marking machine as an example. You can look at this before explaining. Article "goldlaser 2019 fiber laser marking machine configuration"

It is not difficult to see from the above that the fiber laser marking machine has a simple structure and greatly reduces the failure rate of the machine due to its simple structure:

1. The main core component of the machine is a fiber laser. He has a loss of life and the laboratory data is 100,000 hours.

The goldlaser laser recommends that when the machine stops working, the laser power switch is pressed.

2, galvanometer: This is a component that has been moving at high speed. The wave laser uses the domestic famous brand Jinhaichuang high-speed galvanometer, the performance is stable, not within the consumables.

3. If you have to find a consumable for the machine, take the foot switch and go up. However, the accessories selected by the goldlaser laser are all high-quality brands at home and abroad, and the quality performance is no problem.

The following notes about the machine failure rate:

1. Most of the parts of the machine are electronic devices, and the stability of the electronic products is relatively good.

2, the core components are from third-party manufacturers, wave laser to ensure that the equipment process is perfect, so the failure rate is extremely low

3. The entire laser industry's manufacturers are all assembled companies, 98% of which are from third parties, so we need to improve the process and optimize performance.

4, in view of the above three points, in order to be responsible to the customer, goldlaser laser machine warranty for 3 years.



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