Chemical reaction in the process of laser rust removal


The traditional rust removal processes are mainly shot peening rust removal, chemical cleaning rust removal, dry ice rust removal, ultrasonic rust removal and so on. Because of environmental protection, shot peening and chemical cleaning face elimination, and the cost of dry ice and ultrasonic rust removal is too high. Laser rust removal has become the best alternative process. 

Most of them do not know about laser derusting. Today, we analyze laser derusting from the perspective of chemical reaction. 

The principle of the

Laser rust removal machine is simply to use the light energy of the laser to react with rust and convert the light energy into heat energy to instantly gasify the rust to achieve the purpose of rust removal. 

The rust layer is mainly composed of iron oxides, which is the product of the reaction of iron with oxygen water. Rust is mainly composed of ferric oxide, ferric oxide, iron oxide, iron hydroxide and their compounds with water, of which iron oxide is the most important component. 

Generally speaking, rust is divided into three layers, the first layer in contact with metal is iron oxide, the first layer in contact with air is ferric oxide, and the middle layer is ferric oxide, which is accompanied by the chemical reaction of these three molecules in the process of laser and rust. 

In the process of laser rust removal, not only to ensure that the rust layer is clean, but also to ensure that the base metal is not damaged, then the temperature reached must be below the melting point of iron. 

The melting point of iron is 1809 degrees, the melting point of iron oxide is 1450, the melting point of iron tetroxide is 1670, and iron trioxide can be decomposed over 400 degrees. 

In the process of laser rust removal, many chemical reactions take place in the rust layer at high temperature.



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