What are the disadvantages of Laser rust removal machine?


The manufacturers are talking about the advantages of Laser rust removal machine, but there is no perfect thing in the world. Today, let's look at the disadvantages of laser derusting machine:

1. High price and poor stability at the beginning of listing

This mainly depends on our manufacturers' upstream accessories and products are screened by the market and will only become more mature

2. The effect is not ideal for heavy rust or thick oxide scale

Low efficiency and heavy rust need to be removed repeatedly

3. Protective glasses are easily damaged

The protective lens is a consumable. The protective lens is dirty due to a small amount of dust and smoke generated during rust removal, or because the blowing air source is not clean. However, after the later improvement, the replacement frequency of protective glasses is becoming lower and lower, and some even replace one piece in a few days. The current cost of protective glasses is also reduced, about 10 yuan per piece

4. Water cooling system needs to wait for temperature marking

The water chiller is used to cool the laser. The temperature value is generally 20-25 degrees before the laser light comes out. When the weather is cold, you need to start the machine to preheat and wait for the water temperature to rise. The process generally takes about 20 minutes. In winter, the water cooler needs to add antifreeze.

5. Laser failure

At present, the laser is still very stable. Due to the protection program in the laser, it may cause self-locking and no light output under the bad operation of the customer. This solution is relatively easy. Connect the laser and the computer with a data cable and perform internal control troubleshooting


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