How long is the line of Laser rust removal machine


As a new favorite of metal surface treatment, Laser rust removal machine is popular with many users. It has replaced traditional sandblasting, chemical and other processes in some places.

Many users buy it back for steel structures, outdoor rust removal and other scenes, so it is often a question, how long is the line of this laser rust remover?

Whether it is a Laser rust removal machine or a hand-held laser welding machine, their appearance is almost the same, except that the gun head system is replaced.

The standard length of this cable is 10 meters and 15 meters.

How long is the line of Laser rust removal machineIt can be customized to 20 meters.

Note that although the length of the line can reach 20 meters. But we still recommend the standard configuration.

First, there will be loss in line length

Secondly, the possibility of signal interference will increase, resulting in occasional abnormal operation of the machine



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