How much is a laser marking machine?


How much is a laser marking machine? This is a question often asked by many customers. Goldlaser will introduce to you:

First of all, laser marking machines are divided into fiber laser marking machines, ultraviolet laser marking machines, and CO2 laser marking machines. But their components are very similar; for example, the components are: lasers, galvanometers, boards, power supplies, cabinets, computers, and lenses.

Then the prices of accessories are different because of different brands of accessories. Just like lasers, the price difference of different brands is still relatively large.

So, you can tell goldlaser about your marking requirements, and we will recommend models for you.

If you are familiar with laser marking machine, tell us the configuration, goldlaser will quote you as soon as possible

This article“How much does a laser marking machine cost”goldlaser has a detailed price introduction。



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