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30W Co2 Laser Marking Machine

30W Co2 Laser Marking Machine


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30W Co2  Laser Marking Machine

Model: CO2-30

Laser Power: 30W

Laser Life: ≤70000H

Laser Type: CO2

Frequency Range: 0~50KHZ

Laser Wavelength: 10600nm

Marking Depth:≤2mm(adjustable)

Marking speed: ≤7000mm/s

The minimum Line Width: 0.002mm

Repeat accuracy: ±0.1µm

Machine Power:≤800W

Label Range: 140mm*140mm(optional)

Cooling: Air cooling 

Power Supply: AC220V/50HZ

Features :

The CO2 laser marking machine is equipped with a fully enclosed radio frequency carbon dioxide laser imported from the United States, which is environmentally friendly and free of optical pollution. The laser has a long service life, and is also equipped with a high-speed scanning galvanometer, which has a fast marking speed and can achieve continuous marking for 24 hours. The marking accuracy is high, and the marking is firm and permanent. And the operation is simple, no need to adjust, can be used after installation.

Application :

Suitable for marking all kinds of non-metallic materials and non-metallic products.Materials: glass, plastic, wood, leather, paper, bamboo, electronic parts, etc.

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30W Co2 Laser Marking Machine

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