Laser cleaning machine

 Goldlaser Every piece of equipment needs to be strictly inspected layer by layer in raw materials, production, manufacturing, warehousing and other links. Standardized quality inspection requirements are required to reduce the failure rate! Only by keeping improving can you choose us without any worries.


Handheld laser cleaning machine

The core principle of laser rust removal technology is to irradiate the surface of the workpiece to be treated by laser beam. With the laser energy gathering, the beam irradiates the huge energy on the surface to break the pollution layer, so that the dirt can instantly peel off the substrate and restore the original appearance of the material. The whole process is physical and mechanical, and will not produce new substances and pollution Laser derusting technology is an emerging process with high efficiency, environmental protection and low cost Laser derusting laser cleaning is suitable for metal substrate cleaning and product cleaning in many industrial production, as well as for cleaning other different materials, especially for irregular and uneven surface cleaning, and for surface cleaning that cannot be solved by traditional cleaning.

Continuous laser saves maintenance costs

It has excellent thermal performance, high electro-optical efficiency, water and electricity saving, especially for long-term maintenance free use, which can save a lot of maintenance funds and time and improve work efficiency.

There is basically no cost of consumables. The service life of the laser source is up to 100000 hours, and daily maintenance is free.


 fiber  laser cleaning head

1. The laser welding gun has the infrared focusing function, and the coaxial dual channel air blowing

2. Unique ergonomic design, comfortable grip, and the heat dissipation performance of the whole 42mm water hole increased by 50% year on year

3. Infinite encryption, encryption and decryption at any time

4. 15m, 20m and 30m can be customized (10 meters for standard configuration)

5. The welding gun head has three protective lenses. Stable use of core lens

6.1 The laser will come out after 5 seconds of double clicking the button to prevent accidental contact and operation

7. Support 8 languages (Chinese, English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese Traditional, Russian) to switch freely

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