What is the efficiency of the laser rust remover?


What is the efficiency of the laser rust remover? 

The following laser waves are analyzed in detail: 

This problem is what many customers who want to buy are most concerned about. Before we talk about this, let's talk about the name of the machine: laser rust remover is also called laser cleaning machine, but laser cleaning mostly refers to pulsed laser cleaning, which is done by pulsed laser. It came out earlier than continuous laser, which is characterized by delicate and smooth cleaning, especially for precision parts for surface treatment, but because of its high cost and low power. 

The application will have certain limitations, but in some industries it must be him. 

What is the efficiency of the laser rust remover?  第1张

As for CW lasers, laser output is provided by CW lasers. At present, the common ones are 1000 watts, 1500 watts, 2000 watts or even 3000 watts. 

High power and high efficiency, and high efficiency for floating rust of metal and steel structures, plates and other materials. 

What is the efficiency of the laser rust remover?  第2张 

Laser rust remover efficiency: under normal circumstances, 1 square meter per minute is no problem. 

Often encounter heavy rust or oxide scale, the efficiency will be greatly reduced, after our test, heavy rust, oxide scale we do not recommend the use of laser rust remover.


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