What are the Chinese fiber laser companies?


What are the Chinese fiber laser companies?Now, Goldlaser will list it for you:


What are the Chinese fiber laser companies?  第1张Maxphotonics, founded in 2004, is one of the first fiber laser manufacturers in China, and it is also one of the first national high-tech enterprises to own independent intellectual property rights and vertically integrate the two core technologies of fiber lasers and optical devices. now it has become a laser manufacturer integrating the R & D, production and sales of fiber lasers and core optical devices. 

18 years of experience in R & D and production of fiber lasers and high-power optical passive components, with 340 patents and 23 computer software copyrights at home and abroad.


What are the Chinese fiber laser companies?  第2张It is a key high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Plan, which specializes in the research, development, production and sales of fiber laser and its key devices and materials. with high-power fiber laser national key field innovation team and fiber laser technology national local joint engineering research center, it is an influential global fiber laser R & D, production and service provider with vertical integration capabilities from materials, devices to the whole machine

The company's main business includes providing all kinds of fiber laser products and application solutions for laser manufacturing equipment integrators, and providing customers with technical R & D services and customized products.


What are the Chinese fiber laser companies?  第3张Registered in 2006, Shenzhen JPT Opto-electronics Co., Ltd. is a National High-tech Enterprise. The company focuses on the R&D, production, sales, and technical services of lasers, intelligent equipments and optical devices. Based on laser technologies, JPT integrates leading technologies such as optics and measurement, motion control and machine vision, to create value for the customers.


What are the Chinese fiber laser companies?  第4张Is a professional service precision manufacturing advanced light source research and development, production and sales of national high-tech enterprises. 

The company provides infrared, green and ultraviolet optical fiber and solid-state ultrafast, MOPA, continuous / quasi-continuous laser products, and provides laser-related technical consulting and development services.



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