The difference between ultrasonic welding machine and laser welding machine


Many friends don't know whether to choose an ultrasonic welder or a laser welder when they buy a welding machine. So what is the difference between them? I will give you some explanation today.

For example, many users do wire harness and lithium electrode ear soldering, and laser welding machines also do flat solar collectors. In general, the material of the heat absorbing plate mainly includes two kinds of aluminum plates and copper plates. The copper plate has a thickness of 0.12 mm to 0.2 mm and an initial standard of 0.2 mm. In order to reduce costs, most manufacturers currently choose 0.12 mm as the material. Product Standards.

There are two main types of aluminum plate thickness: 0.3mm and 0.4mm. The principle of a laser welding machine is to use a high energy laser to melt the weld metal to form a joint. Laser welding will form a "melt pool" on the surface of the solder material. The larger the current, the deeper the bath; the higher the voltage, the wider the bath. For a thin copper sheet of 0.12 mm, if laser welding is used, it is easy to weld. At this time, ultrasonic welding is basically the best choice. According to the analysis of ultrasonic welding and laser welding, ultrasonic welding is suitable for welding thin materials, and laser welding is more suitable for welding thick materials. For welding copper plates, only ultrasonic waves are suitable; for welded aluminum plates, both ultrasonic and laser are optional, and the selection conditions are different. The 0.3mm aluminum plate can only be ultrasonically welded, and the laser welding can only select a thickness of 0.4mm or more.

Generally, ultrasonic welding machines are suitable for welding relatively thin products, and laser welding will directly penetrate thin. Another important aspect is that the price of a laser welder is several times that of an ultrasonic welder. For more information on ultrasound, please pay attention to the metallurgical ultrasound technology.

Ultrasonic metal spot welding machine is used for similar welding of metal. It can be used for single-point and multi-point short-band welding on thin materials such as copper, silver, aluminum and nickel. It can be widely used for the melting of lithium batteries. Weld various shapes such as ears.

Jinheineng ultrasonic metal spot welding machine adopts electronic program control, high power, high efficiency, automatic control, easy operation, built-in electronic protection circuit, safe and stable. The laser welding machine has the characteristics of strong welding surface, high strength and subjective environmental protection.



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