Preventing laser high temperature failure in summer


The hot summer is coming and the temperature is climbing a little bit. The working intensity of the laser is slowly increasing. According to the failure rate statistics in previous years, summer is the season with high failure rate.

According to the data, the fluctuation of the failure rate is positively correlated with the temperature change. After analyzing the maintenance data, the cause of laser failure in summer is mainly caused by temperature. Excessive temperature causes the parameters of the electronic device to drift, and the drift of the electrical parameters directly leads to instability of the laser light. Since the peak power of the pulsed laser is as high as 10 kW, depending on the principle of the laser, an unstable control signal may result in a superposition of the pulse energy. It is well known that although the fiber has a good heat dissipation due to the excessive core diameter, it has a limited peak power that it can withstand. When the pulse energy is superimposed, the peak power is also superimposed. When the peak power reaches or exceeds the threshold that the fiber can withstand, it can cause fiber breakage.

All in all, the fault of the summer laser is basically the high temperature. Then the problem arises, and the air is cooled by air. It uses the surface of the air object to exchange heat and keeps the temperature of the object relatively balanced by the way the heat is removed by the flow. However, the air cooling itself is affected by the air flow, the temperature of the gas and the degree of environmental confinement. The role. Summer is inevitable, and high-intensity work is inevitable, so failure is inevitable. In order to process the demand, it is necessary to reduce the failure rate and ensure the basic production capacity.

Give you a trick for high temperature laser faults:

1, first do indoor ventilation to ensure a good room temperature environment;

2, do the internal ventilation of the machine to ensure that the operating temperature of the laser is suitable;

3. Do a good job in cleaning the laser ventilation system to ensure that the heat inside the machine can be dissipated to the outside of the chassis and taken away by the air;

4, do the internal cleaning of the cabinet, remove the cover of the power control circuit, and achieve good heat dissipation;

5, the workplace in a harsh environment can increase external ventilation facilities, increase the air flow outside the cabinet, and assist the equipment to dissipate heat;

6, try to reduce the frequent switching of the equipment, do not need to shut down during a short break, increase the heat dissipation time, reduce the impact of current on the circuit during frequent switching;

7, do a good job of cleaning the lens and other easy-to-reflect parts, reduce the damage caused by high reflection caused by material vapor solidification.



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