Matters needing attention for replacing protective lenses of laser welding machine


The matters needing attention for replacing the protective lens of the hand-held laser welding machine:

1. Before replacing the protective lens, make sure the power of the laser welding machine is turned off to ensure safety.

2. Use the correct tools and methods for replacement to avoid damage to the lens or the welding machine.

3. When handling the protective lens, be careful not to scratch or dirty the lens surface.

4. Make sure the new protective lens is of the correct model and specification to ensure proper fit.

5. Install the new lens in the correct position and fix it securely to avoid displacement during use.

6. After replacing the lens, check whether it is installed firmly and there is no松动.

7. Keep the replaced protective lens properly to avoid damage or loss.

8. Before using the welding machine again, make sure all components are installed correctly.

9. Regularly check the condition of the protective lens and replace it in time if it is damaged or worn.

10. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and operating procedures when replacing the protective lens to ensure the best performance and safety of the welding machine.


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