Laser damage to eyes


When the laser does harm to the human body, its damage to the eyes is the most serious.

The human eye is an approximate spherical body, which is composed of eyeball wall, eyeball contents and retina. The eyeball wall is composed of cornea and sclera, iris and choroid, and retina. The intraocular contents include lens, aqueous humor and vitreous body.

The refractive system of the eye is composed of cornea and eye contents. Because of its transparent nature, the light will not be blocked when passing through. Cornea, iris, lens, vitreous body and aqueous humor constitute a precise optical system for human body to receive light.

The refractive system has the characteristics of low absorptivity, high transmittance and strong focusing ability, which enables the laser to pass through the refractive system and reach the retina directly when entering the eye. At this time, the laser energy density on the retina can be increased by thousands or even tens of thousands of times. The high temperature of the retina leads to the necrosis of photoreceptors, irreversible damage, and even permanent blindness.

The damage of far infrared laser to eyes is mainly aimed at cornea, while ultraviolet laser is mainly absorbed by crystals. After the cornea is damaged, it will cause keratitis and conjunctivitis, and the injured will also suffer from photophobia, tears, decreased vision, congestion and other symptoms. When the crystal is damaged, the crystal will be turbid.

Since the damage to the eyeball caused by laser irradiation is irreversible, great attention should be paid to the protection of the eyes, wearing goggles, keeping a safe distance, and strictly abiding by relevant rules and regulations to fundamentally avoid injury.

At present, most cases of laser injury in China are accidental radiation accidents, and a few are complications of laser treatment. When the human body is injured by laser, it is necessary to have a full rest and take protection from light. If the wound is serious, professional medical staff should be contacted immediately. If necessary, glucocorticoid therapy can be used, supplemented by traditional Chinese medicine to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis.

Before using the laser for operation, check whether there is light leakage, and seal the position where there may be light leakage; The working environment shall be well lit, and the protective structure made of light absorbing materials shall be selected around; When using the laser, individuals should first check whether the goggles and protective uniforms are in good condition.

Therefore; Laser safety glasses must be worn when operating laser equipment



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