How to select hand-held laser welding machine


With the development of the laser industry, handheld laser welding machines are very popular in recent years! But how to choose a hand-held laser welding machine is a headache, so how to choose a hand-held laser welding machine?

First, select the corresponding laser power according to the material, thickness and requirements of the product; In many enterprises, the user department submits the demand application and the purchasing department purchases. However, the purchasing department does not know much about the actual use of the production workshop and the nature of product materials. It is recommended to mail samples first to ensure that the demand can be met before purchasing;

Second, choose the configuration. The handheld laser welding machine is mainly composed of laser, handheld welding head, chiller, cabinet, etc. The quality of the main components basically determines the use quality of the equipment. At present, the quality of fiber lasers produced by domestic first and second tier brands in the power range used by handheld welding machines is fairly good, with no big gap. The main reason is to select lasers with sufficient power, and the first tier brands can be selected for welding joints and chillers;

Third, due to the increasingly fierce competition in the laser industry, many manufacturers will promote their brands or cooperate with agents in various channels. Some agents do not know about after-sales, but are very interested in the market. After these devices are sold, there is basically no after-sales service. Therefore, users are advised to check whether the seller's company is a manufacturer of hand-held laser welding machines before purchasing, Make sure to purchase the hand-held laser welding machine sold directly by the manufacturer to avoid stepping on the pit.

Fourth, how to correctly select the manufacturer of hand-held laser welding machine? According to the introduction of friends in your circle, you can go to the manufacturer for field inspection, mainly to investigate the technical level of the manufacturer.



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