How much electricity is charged for one hour of fiber laser cutting machine


The power consumption of fiber laser cutting machine mainly has several aspects (metal laser cutting machine)

1. Laser generator (depending on the power of the generator, generally 2000W generator should be around 30KVA. 4000W generator is around 50KVA, the greater the power, the greater the power consumption)

2. The mechanical part (including the power consumption of the servo system, NC, and various electrical components, this depends on the power consumption of the motor size designed by the cutting manufacturer) is generally more than 10KVA

3. Water cooling machine (used to cool the optical path and the generator, according to the power of the generator, the water cooling capacity should also be matched. Generally, it is also above 20KVA)

4. Air compressor (the power of the air compressor is different from the requirements of the cutting machine manufacturers, at least also above 5KVA)

5. Some manufacturers have a separate calculation for dust removal devices.

In summary, for example, the maximum power consumption of a 2000W cutting laser cutting in one hour is: 65KVA, about 50 degrees.

Of course, the laser cutting machine can not always run at full power, generally a 30% discount and 30-40 kWh.



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