How long is the life of the fiber laser marking machine


How long is the life of the fiber laser marking machine? In fact, the key lies in the laser. Because the laser has a lifetime, the theoretical value of the lifetime of the laser is 100,000 hours: 100000/24/365=11.416 years;

However, the laser is attenuated during the use of the laser marking machine. According to our experience, a fiber laser marking machine can be used normally for 7-8 years without any problem.

So when do you start to replace the machine or laser?

For example, when the new equipment starts to work, the parameter setting laser power is set to 50%, and the galvanometer speed is 500. As time changes, in order to ensure the effect, the laser power will slowly increase until it reaches 100%.

After reaching 100%, the initial effect is still not achieved, so start to reduce the marking speed, but the marking efficiency is affected, then a new laser needs to be replaced at this time.



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