Current status and trends of 3D printing technology for metal parts manufacturing


3D printing, also known as "additive manufacturing", is defined by the International Committee of Materials and Testing (ASTM) F42 as "a technique for making objects using printheads, nozzles, or other printing techniques to deposit materials." Therefore, 3D printing is a general term for a class of manufacturing technologies, from connotation to extension, including a wide range of raw material applications and additive processes. Since the publication of the patent for the manufacture of solid terrain models based on the principle of laminated manufacturing in 1892, the original innovation activities of 3D printing technology have flourished. In the past 30 years, a large number of scholars at home and abroad have combined the additive technology with digital manufacturing technology and further deepened the foundation. The theoretical system truly develops 3D printing into a technical category that can be industrialized. Metal parts are the largest and most widely used product types in industrial systems. With the acceleration of the “Industry 4.0” process, the need for rapid development, customized manufacturing, and light weight is under urgent pressure. The 3D printing technology has the characteristics of high free form, wide range of materials, excellent workpiece performance and few manufacturing links, which is in line with the future development trend of metal parts products, and has begun to enter the practical stage.

At this stage, 3D printing technology does not completely serve the metal parts manufacturing field in a single technology application. According to its role in the forming process of metal parts, the service methods can be roughly divided into indirect manufacturing, direct manufacturing and combination. Manufacturing method. The multi-mode application method effectively takes into account the manufacturing cost and use value of metal parts and products, and expands the application space of 3D printing technology in the industrial field.



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