Comparison of models adopted for PCB two-dimensional code laser marking


one:10600nm CO2 laser marking machine

Mainly for green oil, red oil, white oil, black oil and other paint marking, this type of laser spot is relatively thick, which means that it is not possible to make small two-dimensional code, especially 1 * 1mm two-dimensional code, poor contrast , QR code reading rate is relatively low, QR code rating B, many in the mass production process is in B-, and even F will occur. Therefore, it is often used for two-dimensional code marking that is not demanding and is more than 3 * 3mm.

Two: 935nm CO2 laser marking machine

The same type of laser marking as 10600nm, compared with the smaller laser spot of 935nm, usually using multiple focusing lenses, the focal depth is relatively long, and the quality of the marked QR code is better than that of the 10600nm laser. Do A, mass production in B + and A-. This type of laser can process two-dimensional codes below 1 * 1mm, which is a common application type in the field of PCB two-dimensional code laser coding.

Three: 1064nm pulsed fiber laser marking machine

This type of laser engraving can also mark red oil, green oil, white oil, and black paint, but the color of the QR code is yellowish and the contrast is relatively poor. The effect is not as white or black as the CO2 laser ( White oil) effect. CO2 laser marking machine often removes the paint layer and does not completely remove the paint layer. Fiber laser marking machine is often used in the process of completely removing the paint layer to expose the substrate, especially for NG product marking. More.

1064nm pulsed fiber laser marking machine is mainly used for stainless steel reinforcement steel sheet two-dimensional code marking and copper-based, aluminum-based, ceramic-based PCB two-dimensional code coding. It has obvious advantages in this type of material, with good results and efficiency. The most important thing is that the fiber laser marking machine has high stability, long life, lower price, high flexibility and easier integration by automation.

Four: 1064nm adjustable pulse width MOPA fiber laser marking machine

It can be said that this type of fiber laser marking machine is pulse is an upgraded version of fiber laser marking machine (for the PCB marking industry). It has better effect on copper-based PCB two-dimensional code marking, and the light spot is thinner, but the disadvantage is that The pulse energy is not as good as the pulsed fiber laser marking machine, and the efficiency is relatively low. Therefore, it is often used in products that require a high QR code marking effect, such as 1 * 1mm QR code marking.

Five: 532nm / 515nm green laser marking machine

This type of laser belongs to the category of cold light. The marking effect is better than the CO2 laser marking non-metal PCB, but the cost is relatively high. Compared with the UV laser, the effect is worse. Therefore, this type of laser is often used for some relatively high requirements. However, it can also meet the requirements. For example, if the QR code is required to be marked, the yield rate must be above 90% in Class A applications. Not the mainstream PCB two-dimensional code laser coding device on the market.

Six: 355nm UV UV laser marking machine

This type of laser is also in the field of cold processing, mainly for white oil PCB two-dimensional code laser marking machines. It is often used for FPC two-dimensional code laser marking. The marking line width is narrow, the two-dimensional code is fine, and the two-dimensional code can reach A +. The production is in A or A-, and the reliability and quality of the marked QR code are high. At present, it is often used in high-requirement PCB QR code laser coding equipment.



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