Application of the Fiber Laser Marking Machine in 3C Industry


Rich 3C electronic products in people's daily life plays all sorts of characters, providing information, given the convenience, even inspired everyone's ideas. Now many of the IT industry in succession to the field of 3C and regard the 3C integration technology products as a breakthrough in the developmen. All of these has become a new bright spot in the IT industry. In the research and development of products, lighter, thinner and more portable is the goal of designers. As a result, the new materials, new technology continues to progress, and laser marking machine is representative in 3C product manufacturing process in the rapid development .

As a leader in the laser industry, Perfect Laser tried to promote application of laser marking machine in the 3C industry and offer leading industry solutions.

Laser marking machine is using high energy density of laser illumination of a workpiece, the vaporization of the surface material or color change of chemical reaction, so as to leave a permanent mark marking method, the marking with high precision, speed, marking a clear characteristics. Compared with the traditional ink printing and printing,laser marking machine has the following advantages:

1. Reduce production costs, reduce consumables, improve production efficiency;

2. Permanent marking and improve anti-counterfeiting ability;

3. Increase the added value of products, which make the product appear higher grades. Enhance the visibility of the brand products;

4. The quality of the laser marking machine is reliable and industrial design is mature, the performance of the laser marking machine also is very can continue work for 24 hours , and the laser free maintenance time reach up to more than 20000 hours. Due to its Wide temperature adaptation range (5 degrees to 45 DEG C), so it can be widely used in various industries in the production field of packaging;

5. Environmental protection, safety. Laser marking machine does not produce any chemical substance harmful to the human body and the environment. Conform to the GB7247-87; GB10320-88 standard. It is environment-friendly high-tech products;

6. Laser can mark on the product material with very fine beam , high printing precision, accurate control, clear and perfect interpretation of the jet printing. Due to its safety and environmental protection, non-corrosion, and completely isolated from the chemical pollution,laser marking machine has a strong market competitiveness in the laser industry. At the same time, laser marking machine is also a close protection for the operating personnel because it can ensure the production site clean and tidy, reduce the investment of late, and reduce the noise pollution.



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