Application of laser rust removal machine?


Laser clean machines are most commonly used in the following areas.

Welding industry
Many advanced welding machines are now equipped with a clean laser head designed to improve the welded parts' quality considerably. We can remove the melt produced immediately after welding. This results in smaller weld seams and a longer life.

Before welding the metal, we need to clean the surface first. This does not mean cleaning with water but using a laser to remove the oxides from the metal surface. A clean surface is then painted to achieve absolute corrosion protection.

Mold cleaning
The laser machine not only cleans metal but can also use for dirty tires, food molds, and other products.

Precision parts
For some super-precise parts, it can be difficult to remove impurities from small crevices by hand. Clean laser machines do not have to worry about this, as the laser is invisible and can easily reach the deepest part of the part and clean out the impurities, for example, in many industries such as aviation and marine repair.

Heritage conservation
The laser rust remover machine is a good choice for repairing and cleaning many cultural relics and ancient buildings.



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