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Application of laser marking technology in mobile phone camera module industry


The camera module is the core component of all types of cameras. With the outbreak of smart phones, the shipment of mobile camera modules is also growing rapidly.

As people's requirements for the camera function of mobile phones are getting higher and higher, the functions of the camera module are put forward higher requirements, and the manufacturers of camera modules are increasingly important for the supply source, production quality control and brand protection. .

The camera module manufacturer wants to ensure the quality of production under the premise of ensuring a large number of stable shipments. At the same time, it can monitor the production batch, production supplier, production quality control, and finally form the promotion of the company's brand image. A new type of process – laser marking machine application is needed to solve it.

In the early stage of production, the laser marking machine marks each camera module with a clear and readable two-dimensional code, which is passed to the next process, and is identified by the smart camera and associated with the internal system, which can effectively query the production supplier. To control and control the problems arising during the production process. The most important thing is to be able to retain such information after shipment, let the customer know the details of the product, understand the important issues such as production batch and production date, and also include the company's product information, product protection and brand. Promotion plays an important role.

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