Application of Galvo Scanner in 3D Laser Welding


With the fast development of laser application technology, more and more fields have been involved. Like other technologies, lasers are also closely integrated with technologies such as computers and automation to achieve rapid and common development. The arrival of the Galvo Scanner Age has once again ushered in a leap-forward development in China's laser industry, and the rapid increase in speed and precision has once again stimulated the original tool industry. At the same time, the industry market, which has high requirements for precision and cannot be processed by laser, has also opened its doors. With the continuous improvement of industrial demand, the 2D welding can no longer meet the needs of the current market, and the era of 3D galvanometer welding systems has arrived.

Comparing the 3D laser galvo scanner system with the X-Y plane laser scanning system, it can be found that the 3D laser galvanometer scanning system has obvious advantages as below:

★ High scanning speed: large-scale laser movement can be realized by the slight angle deflection of the galvo scanner

★ High positioning accuracy: the use of position sensors and the design of the negative feedback loop ensure the accuracy of the system

★ Low noise: almost no sound is produced when the galvanometer rotates

★ Indirect contact with the work environment, the entire system can be located outside the processing material

★ The focal length has a wide variable range, which can continuously and quickly complete the welding of three-dimensional products

★ Weldable hard-to-weld materials. Laser galvanometer welding is mainly controlled by a computer control system, which can weld workpieces that are difficult to weld by hand.

There are many users in the market who have implemented this 3D Galvo Scanner welding technology in various practical applications. For example, Volkswagen has implemented a laser beam moving along the circumference of the weld. This new technology, called "laser agitation welding", stirs the weld pool by the spiral advancement of the laser, which increases the volume of the weld pool so that the laser weld can cover a larger gap. Moreover, the laser's runout in three-dimensional space is also used in the welding of car compartments. The auto parts supplier Faurecia applies lasers to precise and fast welding at different heights of the car seat back, thanks to this A technique in which a laser spot can flexibly and quickly hop in a three-dimensional space.

The point of this three-dimensional scanning function is the 3D galvanometer scanning system. Sino-Galvo Tech.’s 3D galvanometer scanning system

is based on the original two-dimensional (X, Y-axis) galvanometer system, a front focus lens that moves in the Z-axis direction is added. In this way, the laser focus can move freely and smoothly in the three axes of x, y and z on the workpiece, and the welding can be performed on different height planes and hard-to-reach areas, which makes the laser welding more flexible and efficient.

With the development of 2D galvanometer scanner welding systems to 3D galvanometer scanner welding systems, it is believed that laser galvanometer scanner will have more extensive and widespread applications in future industrial production.


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