Does the laser marking machine have radiation?


At present, laser equipment and laser marking machines are widely used in industrial applications. Today, we mainly look at the radiation of laser marking machines. Everyone knows the classification of laser marking machines. The following is mainly about fiber laser marking machines. And UV laser marking machine. The wavelength of the fiber laser marking machine is 1064. The wavelength of the laser marking machine is 355. The former is infrared light!

Unlike other common light sources, laser lasers are more energy-concentrated due to their monochromaticity, coherence, collimation, and high energy density, thus causing damage to human organs, especially the human eye. hurt. For the laser in the infrared spectrum region, the damage to the human body is mainly the thermal effect, and the damage to the laser light in the blue and violet spectral regions is mainly the photochemical effect.

Therefore, when the human eye accidentally faces the laser light emitted from the laser or the fiber connector, it may cause damage to the eyes. If it is an ultraviolet laser, it may cause inflammation of the cornea and cataract. For the currently used 1550nm laser, the laser marking machine's light source is in the far infrared range, which mainly causes damage to the cornea and the eyeball crystal.

The damage of the lasers of different wavelengths shared before is as follows:

1, ultraviolet light 180nm-316nm, can cause keratitis

2, ultraviolet light 315nm-400nm, photochemical reaction

3, visible light 400nm-780nm, photochemical reaction and thermal effect caused by retinal damage

4, near-infrared light 780nm-1400nm, cataract and retinal burns

5, mid-infrared light 1400nm-3000m, cataract, corneal burns and water evaporation

6, far infrared light 3000nm-10600nm or more, corneal burns, severely burned eyeballs

The easiest way to protect is to

1. Add isolation shields to isolate the laser during laser processing

2. Wear laser goggles suitable for laser wavelength


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