30W Mopa laser marking keyborad-Nancy


30W Mopa laser marking keyborad-Nancy

Because keyboard material normally plastic, and normal fiber laser marking machine even also can mark on plastic, the marking plastic material is limited.

Mopa fiber laser marking machine can mark more good and more kinds of plastic material keyboard.

Marking sample share with you:

30W Mopa laser marking keyboard-Nancy

We use the JPT laser source for the 30W Mopa fiber laser marking machine.

The pulse frequency and pulse width of the MOPA fiber laser are independently controllable.

By adjusting and matching two laser parameters, a constant high peak power output can be achieved and it can be applied to a wider range of marking substrates.

This laser source is good laser source, and not only widely used in marking keyboard, but also marking color on stainless steel and marking black on anodized aluminum.

There have some customers inquire 60W MOPA fiber laser marking machine for marking keyboard.

But, to be honest, 30W is the best power for marking keyboard, including the power and speed.

If you want 60W MOPA fiber laser marking machine, it also can do, just need to adjust the power %.

Except this, mopa fiber laser marking effect is more clear and beautiful.



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