Handheld laser welding machine

The laser hand-held optical fiber laser welding machine is characterized by fast welding efficiency, compact machine, convenient operation and greatly improved working efficiency. It has higher electro-optic conversion efficiency, better beam quality, less maintenance cost and higher welding speed than current optical fiber transmission welding.


Advantages of laser welding machine

1. Fast welding speed, with three in one functions of welding, cutting and rust removal

2. The welding machine is simple to operate and easy to learn. It does not need a certificate to work. It is a welding equipment that can easily weld beautiful products.

3. It is easy to pull, the weld is smooth and beautiful, and there is basically no need for external grinding process, saving time and labor costs.

4. High precision laser welding joint makes up for the disadvantage of laser welding light plate performance, expands the tolerance range of processing parts and weld width, so as to obtain better weld forming effect.

5. The welding workpiece shall be free of deformation and welding scar, and the welding shall be firm.

6. Optical fiber laser welding consumes less materials and has a long service life.

Intelligent hand-held swing welding head

1.Multifunctional application, welding, cutting, cleaning and switching.

2.Intelligent protection system, mobile terminal APP and PC monitoring, real-time feedback of working status.

3.High threshold optical element, better welding effect.

4.Multiple safety locks, high safety performance.

5.Full body water-cooled design, more durable stability.

6.Ergonomic design, comfortable and easy to grasp.

Continuous laser saves maintenance costs

It has excellent thermal performance, high electro-optical efficiency, water and electricity saving, especially for long-term maintenance free use, which can save a lot of maintenance funds and time and improve work efficiency.

There is basically no cost of consumables. The service life of the laser source is up to 100000 hours, and daily maintenance is free.


Wire feeder

1.Function application, wire feeding.

2.High power motor, fast wire feeding, accurate wire feeding, improve welding efficiency.

3.Double drive wire feeding, large thrust, more stable wire feeding.

4.It is equipped with brake resistance disc shaft to prevent loose welding wire when the motor stops.

5.The machine body is equipped with a sliding wheel, which is convenient to move.

6.The storage and wire feeding capacity is large, ready to start.

Control system

Touch screen control panel, supporting multiple languages. Support modular, personalized, automated and information-based solutions.

High end intelligent system, stable and reliable, simple to use, with rich functions, is suitable for various processing occasions.


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