Dual pendulum handheld welding head

Dual pendulum handheld welding head

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Hand-held welding head technical parameters

1. Interface type-QBH 

2. Power range-2000W 

3. Laser wavelength-1064-1080 

4, Spot adjustment-(0-5) MM 

5, Collimation focal length/focus focal length-120/150 

6, Protective lens-D20X2 

7 , Cooling method-water cooling 

8, handle weight -1KG 

9, mode selection-point-line-circle

Protective function

1. Laser head protection: When the laser head has an (E) signal or there is no data output, the system detects a motor failure, the laser head status light goes out, and the system stops sending light signals. The torch status can be lit, but the trigger is invalid.

2. On-state protection: The on-state signal is controlled by an independent 24V voltage. When an interference signal or a non-self-owned 24V voltage is received, the state is off, and the system stops sending light signals. The torch status can be lit, but the trigger is invalid.

3. Welding gun status protection: When the welding gun receives the conduction state and the laser head state are all normal, that is, the conduction signal is independent of 24V and the laser head is independent of 15V, and the system sends out the optical signal normally. Press the trigger button to emit light

4. Trigger button protection: This button is equipped with multiple independent circuits, that is, when any protection function is interfered or malfunctioned, releasing the trigger button can force the system to stop the connection with the laser, effectively preventing the laser from being emitted.

5. System leakage protection: The motherboard has added multiple isolation protection to prevent the chassis leakage, lightning and other factors from burning the motherboard or disturbing the motherboard.

6. Shell protection: The motherboard and driver are protected by a metal shell, which can better shield the outside world

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