Flying fiber laser marking machine

The standard model of optical fiber laser marking machine ,goldlaser starts with 20W laser, improves the laser output quality from the source, and makes laser marking more efficient.

Flying laser marking machine

1.The fiber laser with highly integrated design has good spot quality, uniform optical power density, stable output optical power, and high anti reaction ability. Even if it is processed on aluminum, copper, gold, silver and other high anti reaction materials, there will be no shadows and virtual breaks.

2.Modular design, separate optical fiber power supply box and lifting frame design make the equipment more flexible, which can mark the relatively large volume, relatively complex marking surface, and the surface that cannot be marked on ordinary models.

3.The embedded operating system, good touch operation interface and support for multiple texts can meet the application process requirements of most industries in the market.

4.The special flight marking control system is adopted, with excellent performance and simple operation.

Multiple laser options

Different brands, different laser power options

 The greater the power of 20W/30W/50W/70W/100W, the deeper the carving depth and the faster the speed.

High speed galvanometer

The galvanometer is an important factor to determine the marking quality

Small size, suitable for harsh environment

High speed operation

Rapid marking

Stable output

Technical parameter


What materials can be processed


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