What is the laser marking machine


The laser marking machine, also regarded as a laser etching machine, is undoubtedly one of the best marking tools available. It can be applied to etch a wide range of materials and leave permanent marks on their surfaces. Laser marking technology produces high-quality and easy-to-read permanent marks which are reliable to manufacturers and customers. These marks are hardly damaged by these laser marking machines, even in extreme working conditions, such as vapors, high temperatures, etc. Compared with traditional marking methods, laser marking is a non-contact process along with lower operating costs and material costs. In addition, by means of a laser marker, some other useful information can be added to your products, including codes, serial numbers, and texts, etc.

So, what’s laser marking technology? Laser marking is a generic term. It stands for a collection of a broad range of surface processing techniques, such as printing, hot-branding, and laser bonding. In the working course of the laser marker, a focused beam of light will give permanent marks on the veneer of parts or materials. Plus, the marks won’t be worn away over the elapse of time.

Other than surface alternation, the laser marking technology also leads to the change in the color, which can be attributed to the chemical/molecular alteration, charring, foaming, melting, ablation, etc. The technique does not either involve the use of inks, or the use of tool bits which directly contact the surface of the material and abrades over time. The laser marking technology arguably holds an advantage over traditional engraving or marking technology, in which inks or tool bits have to be replaced regularly.



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