Laser selection of hand-held laser welding machine


When it comes to selecting a laser for a handheld laser welding machine, there are several factors to consider. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

1. Power output: The power output of the laser determines the welding speed and depth. Higher power lasers can handle thicker materials and achieve faster welding times.

2. Wavelength: Different wavelengths of laser light are suitable for different materials. Common wavelengths include 1064nm and 1070nm, which are suitable for welding metals like stainless steel, aluminum, and copper.

3. Beam quality: A laser with good beam quality provides a focused and stable beam, allowing for precise welding and better control.

4. Pulse duration: The pulse duration affects the heat input and welding results. Short pulse durations can result in less heat affected zone and reduced distortion.

5. Cooling system: A proper cooling system is essential to ensure the laser's stability and longevity. Look for a laser with an efficient cooling mechanism.

6. Manufacturer reputation: Choose a reputable manufacturer that offers quality products, excellent customer support, and after-sales service.

7. Cost: Consider your budget and balance it with the performance and features you need. However, don't compromise on quality for the sake of a lower price.

It's important to assess your specific welding requirements and material types before making a final decision. Additionally, consulting with experts or laser welding machine suppliers can provide valuable insights and recommendations. Remember, selecting the right laser for your handheld welding machine will enhance welding quality, efficiency, and productivity.



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