Laser marking machine can not find the dongle


"Can't find the dongle, the software will work in demo mode" This prompt is believed to be familiar to users who use laser marking machines, so why is this prompt? How to troubleshoot the fault? Today, Goldlaser  to give you a summary of the reasons:

1. Golden Orange Software Ezcad does not have a driver installed.

2, or drive off, need to reinstall

3. The board has no power before opening the software.

4, the golden orange software version does not match the driver

5, Golden Orange software version is not compatible with computer system (common piracy card supports xp or win732 bit system)

6, the machine and the computer connected usb line loose

If it is not the above reason, the software is good before, suddenly can not be used, this prompt appears, please proceed as follows

1. Check if the computer has anti-virus software installed. The general anti-virus software will delete the software DLL file or driver, causing the fault prompt, turn off the anti-virus software, or set the whitelist and re-install the software.

2. Open the laser marking machine cabinet and check whether the board indicator is on. If it is not lit, check whether the 5V power indicator is on. If it is all bright, there may be a problem with the board, contact the after-sales, replace the board


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