How much does a laser rust removal machine cost?


Laser derusting machine is also called laser cleaning machine. Let's start with the following differences:

Most laser derusting machines use continuous lasers with power of 1000W  1500W  2000W  3000W; Floating rust applied on large metal materials has high efficiency, and the maximum laser scanning width is 300-500; But this kind of machine can not meet the requirement of fine surface, and the effect of stripping paint on metal surface is worse.

The laser cleaning machine uses a pulse laser with a power of 100W  200W  300W  500W. Don't think it will be cheap if its power is small. In fact, the price of pulse laser cleaning machine is much higher than that of continuous laser derusting machine. It is mainly used for the requirement of smooth surface, and the cleaning effect is far greater than that of continuous laser derusting machine.

Ok, let's talk about cost consumables:

The laser life is very long, and the theoretical data is 100000 hours

The scanning head belongs to the galvanometer, and it has no life unless it is damaged by collision.

Protective lens: The continuous laser derusting machine is equipped with protective lenses, which are usually replaced every 10 days



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