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Can't find LMC of EZCAD of laser marking software


1: Check whether the computer is connected with the machine correctly and well;

2: The whole machine is power on, all swtiches of laser, scanner and computer are on;

3: Check the signal flashes on the control board, there should be two green flashes, one is marking, one is power. If the control board is connected well with the power, the power flash should be lightened in green; if the machin is in marking, the two flashes should be green. 

4: 3 Step is fine, which means the control board is in good working condition. Find the USB cable of control board, plug it out, cut power of the whole machine, wait more than 2 minutes and then whole machine power on. Re-open the EZCAD software, right now the LMC is normally fixed. 

5: After the above steps, if it says not able to find the dougle and EZCAD in demo, please check the drive. If it says the drive has finished the installation, probably the control board is dead, contact your supplier please. 

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