CO2 40W 60W Laser Marking Machine for ABS

CO2 laser marking machine adopts solid CO2 laser, equipped with high-speed scanning galvanometer and beam expanding focusing system, with high marking accuracy and speed; It is easy to use and can replace the field mirrors of various marking formats; Long continuous working time, clear and beautiful marking, powerful software function, serial number marking, flight marking; Fixed laser marking design, simple operation, perfect up and down ventilation system, environmental protection and safety.

CO2 laser marking machine

Co2 laser marking machine can mark a variety of non-metallic materials, such as bamboo products, wood, paper, ABS, PVC, epoxy resin, acrylic, leather, glass, building ceramics, rubber, etc. It is widely used in pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging, beverage packaging, plastics, textiles, leather, wood, handicrafts, electronic components, communications, clocks, glasses, printing and other industries.

High speed galvanometer

The galvanometer is an important factor to determine the marking quality

Small size, suitable for harsh environment

High speed operation

Rapid marking

Stable output

Technical parameter


Accessories upgrade


What materials can be marked


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