3W UV Laser Marking Machine Can Mark Metal Material

UV laser marking is a kind of cold laser technology. The High-energy molecules of ultraviolet photons can directly separate molecules from metal or non-metallic materials which need to be processed, then this separation causes the molecules to be separated from the material so that the way they work does not produce any heat


UV laser marking machine

Gold laser UV laser marking machine is the best-selling model, especially for some stores operating business. With its unlimited field of view (capable of supporting 300mm lenses), the GoldLaser system is able to give you more features.

Differences from other laser

marking machine

The wavelength of UV laser is only 355 nm, while fiber is 1064 nm and CO2 is 10.64 μm. When the wavelength is shorter, the laser bean is smaller and more precise, and the Heat-affected zone formed during processing is smaller also, which makes the marking accurate and fine.

Our Advantages

1.Long lifetime, over 100,000 hours.

2.Compact laser source with air cooling.

3.2 to 5 times more productive a traditional laser marker or laser engraver.

4.High accuracy and repeatability for correct marks each time with galvanometer scanners and electronic controls. More stable performance.

5.Professional control board and marking software. 

What materials can be processed

UV laser marking machine can be used in cosmetics, mobile phones, pharmaceuticals, food packaging, metal, glass, plastics, polymer materials, building materials, special ABS materials, flexible PCB boards, plastic buttons, silicon wafer microholes, electronic components, communication equipment, LCD glass and other materials for marking.

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