3W UV Laser Marking Machine Can Mark Plastic Products

UV laser marking machine with its unique small power laser, especially suitable for ultra-fine processing high-end market, cosmetics, drugs, video and other polymer material packaging bottle surface marking, the effect is fine, label cleaning firm, better than ink and no pollution; flexible PCB marking; scribing; processing of micropores and blind holes on silicon wafers; LCD glass two-dimensional code marking, glass appliances surface punching, metal surface coating marking, plastic keys, electronic components, gifts,communication equipment, construction materials and so on.

UV laser marking machine

UV laser marking is a kind of cold laser technology. The High-energy molecules of ultraviolet photons can directly separate molecules from metal or non-metallic materials which need to be processed, then this separation causes the molecules to be separated from the material so that the way they work does not produce any heat. This is very different from traditional fiber and carbon dioxide laser marking machines.

Accessories upgrade

What materials can be marked

High speed galvanometer

The galvanometer is an important factor to determine the marking quality

Small size, suitable for harsh environment

High speed operation

Rapid marking

Stable output

Technical parameter

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